3. How to add Testimonial section in a page?

Before you add testimonial sections to the webpage you want; you will need to create the testimonial post first, for this follow the step as below:

  • Go to “Alley Toolkit” > Testimonials
  • Click on “Add New”
  • Add the Name of the Reviewer in Title
  • Add Testimonial in the content area
  • If you are copying the testimonial from third part site link Google Business Listing or Facebook, add the source name and link. Adding the source link will make your testimonial look credible to users.
  • Add tags, you can add services as tags and later filter testimonials based on the tag
  • Add a featured image, this is optional as the testimonial widget has layouts without images as well
  • Click On Publish.

After creating a testimonial, you will need to use the testimonial widgets to the page where you want to show testimonials. To do this follow the steps below:

  • Edit page as Elementor, where you want to add Widgets
  • Search for “Testimonial Layout” in the widget search bar or scroll down to locate the “Testimonial Layout” under “Alley Elementor Widget Layout”
  • Drag and drop the widget into the Elementor section
  • Select the layout and display option in the content section accordingly
  • Style your widget element from the style section of the widget
  • Publish your page

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