How to choose wordpress theme

How to Choose WordPress Theme? 9 Important Things to Consider

    Whether you are looking forward to picking a WordPress theme suiting your business needs or improvising the current website by changing your existing theme, this article will provide you essential insights to consider while choosing a WordPress theme. You...

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    How to Delete WordPress Site easily on proper way?

    How to Delete WordPress site from or self-hosted platforms?

      Someday you might want to delete WordPress site and account entirely from the internet for some reason. Simply deleting WordPress files from your server would make it unavailable. Even then, search results, cached screenshots, and the Wayback Machine can...

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      How to install SSL certificate on WordPress Websites?

        Install SSL certificate on WordPress website for SEO boost and to secure data transfer of your website. When ranking, a boost is given to the website, which is secured with HTTPS protocol according to Google and other search engines....

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        footer widget area to edit footer in wordpress site

        How to Edit Footer in WordPress?

          The footer of your WordPress site appears at the bottom of each post. If you need to make changes to the WordPress website’s footer, there are many ways website owners can make this field more engaging for their users...

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