How to install SSL certificate on WordPress Websites?

    Install SSL certificate on WordPress website for SEO boost and to secure data transfer of your website. When ranking, a boost is given to the website, which is secured with HTTPS protocol according to Google and other search engines....

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    footer widget area to edit footer in wordpress site

    How to Edit Footer in WordPress?

      The footer of your WordPress site appears at the bottom of each post. If you need to make changes to the WordPress website’s footer, there are many ways website owners can make this field more engaging for their users...

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      How to backup wordpress website?

      How to backup WordPress website?

        WordPress themes are made to be flexible, allowing them to be conveniently customized to fit the needs of specific websites. It’s likely that you’ve modified your WordPress theme to improved aesthetics or functionality. If something goes wrong with your...

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        how to change wordpress theme on live site

        How to Change WordPress Theme?

          Themes and plugins are necessary components of the WordPress platform. Fortunately, they’re generally simple to set up and run. Changing the active theme, on the other hand, isn’t as simple as pressing a button. In reality, there’s a lot...

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