How to Change Fonts in WordPress Themes?

Do you want to give your WordPress site some personality? Changing fonts in your WordPress theme can revamp your website and do the trick.

Good use of typography establishes graphic balance and visual hierarchy for a superior user experience. From holding readers’ attention to influencing decision-making, fonts play a vital role.

Not everyone who uses WordPress is the same. While some users who want a new font may be comfortable working with CSS and programming, others want a more straightforward solution. This article will walk you through both ways to change fonts in WordPress, choose the one that suits you.

Most WordPress themes include built-in font-change options, while some will require plugins for font control. Several methods for updating and changing fonts in WordPress are presented in this article.

WhIs Font Choice Important In Web Design?

On the surface, web design appears to be a rather simple procedure to the inexperienced eye. Choose a color scheme, a font or two, and create a navigation menu, and you’re done, right?

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that easy. Web design that is effective considers not only aesthetic but also marketing, psychology, and usability. It’s just as important to know how consumers will react to specific components as it is to know your personal preferences.

Font selection has a great effect on on-site design. First and foremost, it is critical from the standpoint of usability. You’ll have a hard time fulfilling the primary goal of any online content – delivering information to users – if your site uses a font that’s incredibly tough to read. The readability of your font also determines whether visitors stay on your site to learn more about your business or leave in irritation and go to competitors. Small type and fancy scripts might be difficult for visually impaired users and people with dyslexia to read; thus it’s also important for accessibility.

Although we frequently focus on the content of text-based information, it’s equally important to think about it from a visual standpoint. You want your website’s tone to be appropriate.

All of this means that if you’ve discovered the right WordPress theme, but the default font is difficult to see or doesn’t match your brand identity, changing it is well worth the effort.

How to change fonts in WordPress theme using the WordPress Customizer?

Most WordPress themes nowadays rely on the native WordPress Customizer for style and design, which means that a theme’s font options are there.

Using Neve and Home Services themes as an example, we’ll teach you how to use those built-in font settings. Different themes have different settings and do things slightly differently. So, there’s a strong possibility that your theme won’t have the same way to change the font or quite as many font options. It is somewhat similar but sometimes you need to search through the setting area to figure out some common things on your own.

Well with this theme, below mentioned process will help you to change the fonts at the very least effort to many font options.

Step I: Open the WordPress Customizer

After you log in to your website dashboard; Go to Appearance → Customize, and the WordPress Customizer will open.

Navigating to theme Customizer

Step II: Locate font/typography settings

The next step is to find the theme’s font/typography options. The following fonts change option is available in the Home Services theme by Alley Themes.

Font Change Option on WordPress Theme
Font option on Home Services theme
font Option on neve theme
Font Option on neve theme

Font change options are located in a different location for each theme and naming convention might differ as well. So skim through the customizer option, you will find the setting under Typography or Fonts or Fonts and Colors or something similar like that.

Step III: Choose fonts and save changes

You can now make your actual decisions on your fonts. Depending on the theme, the typography options may be divided down further per content type. The Home Service theme has the following font features:

Choosing Font from theme customizer
Font selection on home services theme
Font Selection Options on neve theme
Font Selection Options on neve theme

If you want to change the WordPress font family, font size, font-weight, and font colors for your theme, you can easily do that in this section of the inbuilt customizer.

As you make your selections, the fonts in your theme’s live preview should update immediately. When you’re satisfied with how everything appears, click the blue Publish button to put your new font selections into action.

Changing Font Styles in Block Editor (Gutenberg)

You can change the style of your text when editing it in your article or page if you’re using a new edition of WordPress with the Gutenberg editor. When you choose a block to modify, a style menu will appear above it. To make the text bold or italicized, choose the text you want to change and then press the icons. If you press the arrow next to those, you’ll see that strikethrough and other options to choose from.

That being said, if you aren’t satisfied with the current font options and customization on your website, using plugins will be a good idea to explore the font options.

Changing WordPress Fonts using Plugins

If your theme has limited fonts and typography options, you can use plugins to change font types on your website. You will have more flexibility in selecting fonts and typography using plugins. There are numerous free font tools in the plugin directory that can assist you in achieving your desired design. In this article, We will be taking easy google fonts for reference.

Easy Google Fonts

easy google fonts plugin for font change

EasyFonts has a large selection of fonts, and Google has a large collection of fonts as well. Google Fonts makes it easy to apply custom Google fonts to every WordPress theme without having to know how to code. This plugin combines with the WordPress Customizer, allowing you to see real-time previews of Google fonts on your blog. You’ll be able to customize the color of each header to distinguish them. Choose a font family that you like and experiment with various versions.

Follow the steps below to use google easy fonts plugin.

Step I: Install and activate the plugin

Install and activate the free Easy Google Fonts plugin to get started.

Step II: Choose which Google Fonts to use

The next step is to select the font(s) you want to use. While the plugin’s settings will show you the whole list. Once you’ve found a font you like, make a note of its name so you can remember it later. You should also select certain styles that appeal to you. Collection of the Google Fonts.

Step III: Open WordPress Customizer and edit fonts

To use the WordPress Customizer, navigate to Appearance Customize on your WordPress dashboard. A new Typography section should appear at the top of the sidebar menu, the settings that came from the Easy Google Fonts plugin.

selecting different fonts

Select the content you wish to change the font for and click Edit Font. The font name and weight can then be selected. You should be able to get a live preview of your site update as you make your choices:

selecting different font family

When you’re satisfied with your choices, click Publish to put your new fonts live.

Some more Font Plugins in WordPress

Wrapping Up

It’s enjoyable to experiment with different fonts, and it’s tempting to use different web fonts in your site design. However, keep in mind that adding web fonts increases the time it takes for a website to load. If your font files are huge or if you use a number of different fonts on a page the page load time will be slowed. So, try to keep it basic with a title font and a font for everything else. Perhaps a new blockquote font well you get the picture. Keep the use of online fonts to a minimum.

We hope that with this article, you now will be able to change the font in a WordPress theme. If you’re already using a flexible theme, you can use the WordPress Customizer to access your theme’s built-in typography options. If your theme doesn’t have many built-in options, you may use the Easy Google Fonts plugin to add support for Google Fonts’ 600+ fonts. What did you choose to do about changing the font on your website? Do you know of any additional techniques that we should add?

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