How to Create Small Business Website Using WordPress?

    Are you wondering how to make a website for a small business? Or the better question, are you looking for an easy way to create a local service business website on your own? In the past, creating websites was...

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    How to choose wordpress theme

    How to Choose WordPress Theme? 9 Important Things to Consider

      Whether you are looking forward to picking a WordPress theme suiting your business needs or improvising the current website by changing your existing theme, this article will provide you essential insights to consider while choosing a WordPress theme. You...

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      How to Create and Change Favicon in WordPress Website? (Step by Step Guide)

        Favicon, also known as Site Icon, is the tiny image that appears in the browser tab. It helps your visitors to navigate right to your website when several tabs are opened in their browser window. It plays an important...

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        How to Change Logo in WordPress?

          What’s the first thing your visitors will notice as they enter your website? You are right – it’s the logo. Your logo is the signature of your brand and it helps you make your brand stand out from the...

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          Set featured image in wordpress with a button on bottom right-hand toolbar

          How to Change Featured Image Size in WordPress?

            Using proper WordPress featured image size in your post or page can capture visitors’ attention, set their perception of the article, and play an essential role in brand strategy in social media and search engines. Featured images usually appear...

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            easy google fonts plugin for font change

            How to Change Fonts in WordPress Themes?

              Do you want to give your WordPress site some personality? Changing fonts in your WordPress theme can revamp your website and do the trick. Good use of typography establishes graphic balance and visual hierarchy for a superior user experience....

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              things to do to create beautiful website

              6 Essential Tips to Create Visually Appealing Websites

                So you are looking for a website and you have probably seen a thousand of them by now. And more than clarity, chances are you are confused. Websites with visual aesthetics are important to attract attention. How do you...

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                How to edit categories in wordpress

                How to Edit Categories in WordPress?

                  In WordPress, the best way to organize WordPress posts is to use categories; you should add categories to keep track of your posts. There are two pre-defined taxonomies: Categories and Tags. Tags, in addition to categories, are important for...

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                  How to Delete WordPress Site easily on proper way?

                  How to Delete WordPress site from or self-hosted platforms?

                    Someday you might want to delete WordPress site and account entirely from the internet for some reason. Simply deleting WordPress files from your server would make it unavailable. Even then, search results, cached screenshots, and the Wayback Machine can...

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                    How to install SSL certificate on WordPress Websites?

                      Install SSL certificate on WordPress website for SEO boost and to secure data transfer of your website. When ranking, a boost is given to the website, which is secured with HTTPS protocol according to Google and other search engines....

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