Top 12 Stunning Social Media Influencer Marketing Tools to Try in 2022 (Free and Paid)

If you’re a small business owner or you’re looking to break into the social media scene, then influencer marketing is something you need to know about. 

Influencer marketing is all about collaborating with individuals who have a large online following and leveraging their influence to reach a new audience. This blog post will discuss influencer marketing, how it works, and some of the best tools and platforms for finding influencers.

Many social media marketing tools help businesses grow their online presence. But which ones are the most effective for reaching influential users? And how can you use them to your advantage? Keep reading to find out!

Who Is a Social Media Influencer?

Social media influecner

A social media influencer has built up a following on social media platforms. This following can be in the thousands or even millions of people. These people often look to their favorite social media influencers for recommendations on products, services, and anything else under the sun. 

An influencer is a person who has the ability to influence the purchase decisions of others due to their (actual or perceived) authority, knowledge, position, or relationship. 

Their potential to affect a brand’s reputation and bottom line makes them appealing to marketers looking to tap into the engaged audiences of influencers.

Consequently, businesses have begun using social media influencers as a marketing strategy. By working with an influential figure with a significant following, businesses may expose their products or services to a large number of prospective clients. Typically, the influencer promotes the brand to their followers via posts, stories, and videos.

Consider the following points if you intend to use social media influencer marketing. It is essential to ensure that the influencer is a suitable fit for your brand. Their fans must be interested in your products or services.

The influencer must negotiate compensation with the influencer. You’ll need to establish specific campaign objectives and expectations.

When done correctly, social media influencer marketing can be an effective way to reach a large number of potential customers.

What Are Social Media Influencer Marketing Tools?

Influencers use several marketing tools for content marketing their products and services, including social media platforms, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter have built-in features that allow influencers to share sponsored content with their followers. For example, Instagram will enable influencers to tag products in their posts and stories, while Snapchat has a “sponsored filters’ function. 

Blogs and vlogs (video blogs) are another way influencers can share sponsored content with their audience. Blog posts usually take the form of a review or an explanatory article, while vlogs tend to be more light-hearted and personal. Influencer marketing has been around for a while, but podcasts are a fairly new addition.

Influencers’ digital marketing tools help influencers measure their performance and identify areas for improvement. The most common tools include social media analytics, Google Analytics, and web traffic metrics. These tools help influencers track their progress and ensure that their content reaches the right people. 

Additionally, these tools can help influencers identify new growth opportunities and connect with other influencers who can amplify their message. Ultimately, these tools can be invaluable for assisting influencers in building their brand and growing their audience.

How Can Tools for Marketing on Social Media Help You?

One of the most popular ways to market these days is through social media influencers. 

And there’s a good reason for that: it can be a great way to reach out to potential customers and connect with them.

Here are five ways that marketing on social media can help you:

1. Expand Your Audience

One of the best things about social media influencer marketing is that it lets you reach a larger audience than traditional marketing methods. 

Influencers will share your product or service if you work with them. 

This can put your brand in front of a lot more people.

2. Build Trust and Credibility by Getting People to Trust and Believe You

Social media influencer marketing can also help you build trust and credibility with people who might buy from you. 

People are more likely to believe what someone they know and respect says than what they see in a traditional ad. 

So, if you work with an influencer, you can use the trust that their followers already have in them to build trust in your brand.

3. Getting More People to Visit and Buy From a Site

Influencer marketing on social media can also bring more people to a website and boost sales. 

When an influencer posts about your product or service on social media, they usually include a link to your website. 

This has the potential to bring a lot more people to your website and lead to more sales and conversions.

4. Make Your Seo Efforts Work Better

Social media influencer marketing can help your SEO efforts as well as bring more people to your website. 

When a person with a lot of followers links to your website on social media, it can help your search engine ranking for certain keywords. 

In the long run, this can bring more people to your website and lead to more sales.

5. Raise the Brand’s Profile

Lastly, using social media influencers to market your brand can be a great way to get more people to know about it. 

As more people see your brand through an influencer’s social media channels, your brand and name will become more well-known. In the long run, this can bring more people to your website and lead to more sales and customers.

Overall, social media influencer marketing is a powerful tool that can help you reach and interact with potential customers in many different ways. 

If you aren’t already using this method of marketing, you should think about it.

12 Best Social Media Influencer Marketing Tool

1. Hootsuite Insights 

Hootsuite insights - Social Media influencer marketing Tools

Hootsuite is a great tool to use if you’re looking for influencers who might be interested in your product or service. 

You can set up search streams on their platform that will allow them to monitor conversations across various platforms. This could give insight into how relevant these individuals are among others like-minded regarding the industry.

Make a stream for the influencers you’ve previously identified to keep track of their posts and conversations. This can make it easier for you to understand how relevant they are to your audience and help you find other influencers with whom you might work.

Hootsuite may be used to build up social media streams to monitor specific keywords and hashtags.

You can monitor and respond to discussions and mentions from a single dashboard rather than logging in and out of many social media platforms.

Additionally, Hootsuite enables you to analyze the competition and keep an eye on the industry to build relationships with social media creators (also known as influencers) and potential brand supporters.

Price: Offers a 30days trial. Paid plans start from $49/month. 

2. Klear 

Klear - new standard in influecner marketing

There is a lot of hype behind Klear, which promises to be the most intelligent influencer-finding tool on the market. Advanced filters may narrow your search by impact tier, social channel, demographics, and more.

Users with a high level of influence can be identified using the Klear Influencer Score. Klear measures a user’s impact on a scale of 0 to 100 using an AI system that considers hundreds of variables.

Klear’s authorized AI technology assures that you work with influencers that create the biggest effect, as it is the only influencer score on the market. Use the Klear Score to increase your influencer selection accuracy by 7X.

Age, gender, location, and interest are just a few of the demographics broken down by Klear. You’ll be able to acquire the fullest possible perspective of an influencer’s audience by combining first-party data with inferred demographics.

With Klear’s comprehensive tool, you can be certain that the information you receive is current and useful. Analyze influencer performance on the most popular social media platforms, such as Instagram Stories, TikTok, and more.

With Klear, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the next social trend. Check out the profiles of specific influencers and their prior material on the most popular social media sites.

Price: Custom pricing

3. Upfluence 

upfluence - full software access to have 100% transparency on the progress. 

When it comes to top influencer marketing, Upfluence is the perfect platform to use. They provide you with full software access to have 100% transparency on the progress. 

In addition, a dedicated team of influence experts will be managing the campaign. Plus, they’ll find the perfect content creators where your audiences overlap—whether that’s Instagram, Tiktok, Twitch, Youtube, or a blog. 

And if you’re worried about the budget, don’t be! 

With Upfluence, you can create campaigns with 0 payment-only product samples. So not only will you get authentic feedback from influencers, but you also won’t have to worry about collecting your clients’ influencers’ bank details. They guarantee no payment delay.

And to top it all off, they comply with all local rules for client safety from influencers’ employment.

Price: custom pricing for growth, scale and enterprise packages.

4. Markerly 

markerly - keep it real

Regarding authentic and successful brand affiliations, Markerly is the go-to influencer marketing network for businesses to engage with real people. It assists in boosting revenue and profits, as well as improving return on investment.

Finding and hiring people who are most closely connected with the brand and its values is something Markerly does through a variety of networks. It simplifies and streamlines the process of managing influencer campaigns by reducing it to a simple, user-friendly platform.

Automated machine learning makes it easy to discover prospective influencers, then populate influencer outreach lists. A white-labeled influencer community is also advantageous since it allows campaigns, influencer connections, and progress to be tracked in real-time.

Price: Custom pricing

5. - automates influencer campaign planning,

Affable influencer marketing platform automates influencer campaign planning, optimization, and execution. 

Through a single login, you can view someone’s Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok social network history, as well as their impact on the pages for your company or products. Many brands have discovered that this service is crucial for tracking ROI and identifying fresh development opportunities at every stage of the production process.

Influencer databases are not just lists of people. An extensive research effort provides a lot of knowledge to help you choose the best candidate. Using various intricate criteria, you may look for influencers based on their demographics, location, and the number of followers.

Having a complete image of each influencer they wish to engage with, as well as care paid to the whole sales funnel, will be highly valued by marketing professionals. 

Affable eliminates the need for influencers to opt into a database to access the data insights presented here. A similar approach is taken by most influencer marketing tools, which mainly concentrate on raising awareness and closing transactions at the very top and very bottom of the funnel, respectively. 

Affable achieves this, but it also focuses on the middle, looking at engagement in a segment of the target population and across the board.

Price: Custom pricing

6. YouTube BrandConnect

youtube brand connect

Brands use YouTube BrandConnect to find the perfect YouTube video providers to promote their products and services. If you want your brand to be remembered and trusted by millions of people, you can achieve it with the incredible content producers found here.

The tool connects you to authors, producers, and distributors who have enormous, engaged audiences that have faith in their integrity. Millennials, who spend 40% of their time on YouTube, believe that their favorite YouTubers know them better than their own pals.

This influencer marketing tool makes it simple for marketers to create a campaign with content standards, social media platforms to target, and a budget. As a result, you’ll receive responses from content providers on a variety of platforms (mainly YouTube).

You’ll be able to acquire proposals from relevant influencers who are interested in working with you. It is possible to select a collaborator depending on the type of material they want to produce.

Influential people share content that you authorize with their audiences to increase views, engagement, and purchases.

Price: Free

7. Traackr 

taackr - pioneered data and analytics.

When reach and engagement were the only metrics counted, a few sites pioneered data and analytics.

Traackr’s newest product, the Influencer Market Benchmark, shows the company’s adherence to a comprehensive strategy. Traackr’s IMDB helps firms analyze the efficiency of their relevant influencer marketing and compare their social web presence to that of their competitors.

A breakdown of brands in different categories shows who’s leading. Traackr gives a Business Vitality Score based on social KPIs and audience quality to compare brands. Instead of 1 to 100, the numbers are unique and based on actual performance. Click on the IMP graphs to view the influencers and materials used to compile the data.

Traackr indexes influencers’ posts and data by username. You can manually enter an influencer’s username if they’re not in the database.

Traackr is still focused on establishing an influencer network to boost brand influence. They’ve never tried to select a content marketplace or a quick-sales campaign solution. Traackr has always focused on marketing to influencers to win their audiences’ trust. Traackr is now a top-tier research tool. Influencer marketing has grown beyond prominent social accounts promoting businesses. 

As a business builds its network and conducts awareness initiatives, it must also grasp its place in the social environment to lead more discussions with a broader reach. Long-term benefits include better and more loyal consumers.

Price: Custom pricing

8. TapInfluence 

tapfluence - finding influencers

Identifying the right influencers may be a challenge. That’s the biggest issue that influencer marketing faces, according to marketers. Determining the proper influencers who want to collaborate with your company is just as important as finding influencers. And that is where TapInfluence comes in.

To ensure the greatest potential match for your company, you may get a 360-degree view of an influencer through influencer discovery. You may receive results in a matter of seconds, and it’s also really simple.

Create outstanding influencer campaigns and content faster than you could ever do it manually. There’s a one-stop shop from finding influential people to amplifying and disseminating your message.

You should focus on measurements that are relevant to your aims. Maximize income from existing consumers while attracting new ones, increasing repeat purchases, and cultivating a sense of community among them. The ideal addition to your marketing arsenal.

It’s easier than ever to repurpose and distribute influencer material thanks to the integrated asset management tools with TapInfluence.

Price: Custom Pricing

9. Influence Central 

influence central - find influential people

Finding influential people is a breeze with Influence Central. Everybody will find something to like here. As a user of this site, you may connect with a wide range of experts in many fields and industries, depending on your interests.

The platform is simple to use and doesn’t need much time to master. It is the finest place to find influencers that can promote your brand.

The platform provides a place for established firms as well as those that are just getting started.

Using cutting-edge strategies, Influence Central creates social media and digital campaigns that provide significant and measurable returns on investment. 

For more than 200 national companies each year, it stands for creative social, digital, and word-of-mouth marketing.

They say their purpose is to execute methods that immediately solve our customers’ business difficulties, whether they involve high conversion to consumer purchases, a dynamic boost in brand recognition or reputation, improved awareness, or convincingly responding to brand detractors.

Price: Custom Pricing

10. IZEAx  

izeax - explore the greatest creator community

Using IZEA, you can free up your time and resources to focus on the high-value creative strategy that makes your company unique. 

Explore the greatest Creator community in the business. You may filter by channel, demographics, and area to locate the proper Creators. IZEA places FTC disclosures on information published through its platform first and foremost. 

Data on influencer performance and audience targeting help you make well-informed judgments about the best influencers to work with on your campaigns. Using IZEA, you can discover which businesses have the most engaged followers, their general mood, and more. 

You may tell a lot about a brand’s popularity by analyzing rival material. Convey your message to real, interested customers. Using data from billions of pieces of content and demographic information, our search tool predicts which content creators will resonate with your audience.

You can narrow influencer search results using filters based on the creator’s profile.

Save your searches so you don’t have to reselect your filters each time you return to Discover. Track how many new creators who match your search criteria have entered the marketplace in the previous seven days.

Price: Starting at $500/mon

11. HypeAuditor

hype auditor - examines and ranks bloggers based on their quality followers

The quality and engagement of an Instagram influencer may be assessed using HypeAuditor.

HypeAuditor’s AI thoroughly examines and ranks bloggers based on their quality followers and genuine engagement. Before clustering, raw data from multiple sources is collected and depersonalized. They take into account genuine followers and likes. The system then assesses influencers and generates lists of the world’s top influencers, which are updated daily by the algorithm.

You may select from a list of the top 1000 influencers from various sectors or narrow the list down to one of 14 subcategories. Consequently, you may choose between a list of influencers from all countries and a list of influencers from one of 17 countries.

HypeAuditor provides information about influencers like the influencer’s Instagram username, What the influencer tweets about, who they are aiming for, where they are from, and so on, along with an evaluation of their true engagement. 

A separate page will appear for each influencer, with facts and statistics about their Instagram activity, Audience Quality Score, demographic information about their followers, interaction figures, and other helpful data.

Pricing: Custom pricing

12. NinjaOutreach 

ninja outreach - most powerful social engine on the web

NinjaOutreach is an influencer and blogger outreach software that automates outreach and follow-ups to streamline your influencer marketing and lead-generating process. 

You’ll never again forget to send an email. 

One of the most useful features of Ninja Outreach software is the ability to search for influencers using certain keywords. Another amazing feature of the Ninja Outreach program is the ability to construct email templates for sending messages simply. 

Another thing you may notice is that you may select which fields to include in your email. In other words, you may automatically input a person’s first name, last name, website, and so on. Customizing the contact request is important when attempting to conduct guest articles since otherwise, it would appear like a mass email message. 

This template builder allows you to change the template’s appearance so that it does not seem that way. It helps you to find people that will enable guest posts quickly.

With the built-in CRM, you can manage all of your top influencer marketing and outreach campaigns. Filters and notes might help you organize your leads. Keep track of email opens, clicks, replies, and conversation histories. 

Price: $155 – $259/ yearly


As an entrepreneur, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and utilize all the latest tools and technologies to help you grow your business. 

That’s why we think social media influencer marketing tools are so valuable – they can help you reach a larger audience faster. 

We’ve outlined some of the best social media influencer marketing tools for you to try out, so be sure to give them a shot! Do you have any favorite social media influencer marketing tools that we missed? 

Let us know in the comments below.


1. What is Social Media Influencer Marketing?

Social media influencer marketing is a form of marketing that involves partnering with prominent users of social media platforms to promote a brand or product.

2. How Can Social Media Influencers Help Promote My Brand?

Social media influencers can help promote a brand by creating sponsored content, hosting giveaways, and providing positive reviews and testimonials.

3. What Are Some Best Practices for Working With Social Media Influencers?

Some best practices for working with social media influencers include clearly defining the campaign’s goals, being transparent about compensation, and providing clear guidelines for content creation.

4. How Do I Find My Brand’s Social Media Influencers?

To find the right social media influencers for your brand, consider using an influencer marketing platform like Upinfluence or Traackr or a search on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

5. How Do I Measure the Success of My Social Media Influencer Marketing Campaign?

You can measure the success of your social media influencer marketing campaign by tracking metrics such as reach, engagement, and conversions.

6. What Common Mistakes Do Brands Make With Social Media Influencer Marketing?

Some common mistakes brands make with social media influencer marketing include not doing enough research, not being clear about expectations, and not providing adequate compensation.

7. How Can I Avoid Getting Scammed by Fake Social Media Influencers?

To avoid getting scammed by fake social media influencers, be sure to do your research and only work with trusted partners.

8. What Should I Look for in a Good Social Media Influencer Contract?

When looking for a good social media influencer contract, consider clauses that protect your intellectual property and limit liability.

9. Can I Use Social Media Influencer Marketing to Reach International Audiences?

Yes, you can use social media influencer marketing to reach international audiences by working with influencers who have a large following in other countries.

10. What Are Some Social Media Influencer Marketing Trends That I Should Be Aware of?

Some trends in social media influencer marketing include the use of micro-influencers, nano-influencers, and influencer marketing platforms.

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