12 Successful Ways to Support Your Friend’s Business

There are many reasons to support your friend’s business. For one, it shows that you care about their success. 

By patronizing their business, you are sending the message that you believe in what they are doing and want to see them succeed. Additionally, supporting your friend’s business can also help to build a stronger relationship between the two of you. 

Supporting someone’s endeavors shows that you are invested in their success and value their friendship. 

Finally, supporting your friend’s business can also positively impact your community. When small businesses thrive, they help to create jobs and boost the local economy. So next time you need a product or service, make sure to patronize your friend’s business and help them reach their goals. 

Here are 12 ways to support your friend’s business. Whether you provide creative input, advice, or moral support, every little bit helps. 

So get started and help your friend reach their goals!

Support Your Friend's Business

12 Ways To Support Your Friend’s Business

Make Sure You Follow Their Business on Social Media and Share Their Posts Often!

As a small business owner, getting your name out there in any way you can is important. And these days, one of the best ways to do that is through social media. 

By ensuring you follow your friends’ businesses on social media and share their posts often, you can help them reach a wider audience and grow their businesses. In addition to following and sharing, you can also leave reviews and recommend their products or services to others. 

If everyone does their part to support small businesses, we can keep our local economies strong and thriving. So the next time you see a post from a friend’s business, take a minute to give it a like or leave a positive comment. 

It only takes a few seconds, but it could make all the difference for them.

Attend Their Events and Bring a Friend!

attend their events

One of the best ways to support a friend’s new business is to attend their events and bring a friend along. 

This strongly conveys that you support your friend and believe in their business. Furthermore, it helps to get the word out about their business and can potentially generate new customers. 

Of course, you don’t want to force anyone to attend an event they’re not interested in, but if you have even a passing interest, it’s worth checking out. Who knows? You might have a great time and discover a new business you love. 

So next time your friend sends you an invite to their latest event, consider saying yes and bringing a friend along for the ride.

Purchase Their Products or Services Whenever Possible.

As a consumer, you have a lot of power. You can support businesses that reflect your values and vote with your wallet by spending your money in places that matter to you. 

When you purchase goods and services from a friend’s business, you are helping to support their dream and show your community that you care about supporting local businesses. 

In addition, you are likely to get a higher quality product or service since your friend knows you and wants to provide you with the best possible experience. 

Consider supporting your friend’s business whenever you need goods or services. Your wallet will thank you.

Write Them Positive Reviews Online.

write online reviews

Wondering how to support small businesses without spending money?

It’s easy to show your support for your friend’s business – write them positive reviews online! 

This will help them to attract more customers and grow their business. Be sure to include details about what you loved about their products or services and why you would recommend them to others. 

A few well-written reviews can make a big difference, so take the time to write them today!

Refer Your Friends and Family to Their Businesses.

There’s nothing like the feeling of supporting a friend’s business. 

When you refer them to customers, it shows that you believe in what they’re doing. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt that it often comes with a discount or other perk! If you’re thinking of referring your friends and family to your friend’s business, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

First, ensure you understand what their business and products or services are. It’s also important to know who their ideal customer is. That way, you can be sure that you’re referring to people who are likely to be interested in what they have to offer. 

Finally, take some time to chat with your friend about their expectations. They may have specific instructions for how they want you to refer people, or they may appreciate the support. This is the best answer to how to support a friend’s business for free.

Give Them Shoutouts on Social Media.

Showing support for friends on social media is a great way to boost someone’s ego, business, or following. 

It builds a community and strengthens relationships. When done organically, it comes across as more genuine. The key to giving an effective shoutout is to be innovative and personal and make it about the audience you are trying to reach, not just your friend. 

For example, if you are trying to increase your friend’s customer base, make sure the shoutout targets potential customers. 

If you want more people to follow your friend’s blog, target individuals interested in the topics your friend writes about. 

Make Sure You Are Subscribed to Their Email List or Newsletter.

Email marketing can be an extremely effective way to reach new potential customers and build relationships with existing ones. To get the most out of email marketing, it is important to make sure that you are subscribed to your friend’s email list or newsletter.

By doing this, you will be able to stay up-to-date on their latest product offerings, specials, and events. Additionally, subscribing to their email list or newsletter will show your friend that you are interested in supporting their business.

Lastly, by remaining subscribed to their email list or newsletter, you will have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback that can help them improve their business.

Collaborate With Them on Projects Whenever Possible.

A friend’s business can be a great source of support and encouragement and a way to get your foot in the door of your chosen industry.

However, it can also be a lot of work, and you may not always have the time or energy to put into it. One way to help your friend’s business is to collaborate on projects whenever possible.

This can involve anything from offering to do some design work for their website to brainstorming ideas for marketing campaigns. By collaborating with your friend, you’ll be able to provide them with valuable support and feedback while also getting some practical experience in the process.

Plus, it’s a great way to build your portfolio and expand your professional networks.

Offer Your Skills and Expertise to Help Them Grow Their Business.

A true friend wants to see you succeed and is willing to help you get there. When it comes to business, we all know that it takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication to make it successful. But sometimes, even the most driven entrepreneurs need a little help.

If you have a friend running their own business, why not offer your skills and expertise to help them grow their business? Here are some ways you can support your friend’s business with your skills:

  • Offer to help with marketing and promotion. Whether creating social media posts, designing flyers, or managing email campaigns, your friend will appreciate the extra help.
  • Help out with administrative tasks. Bookkeeping, customer service, and data entry can be time-consuming and daunting for small business owners. By taking on some of these tasks, you can free up your friend’s time so they can focus on other areas of their business.
  • Be a sounding board for new ideas. Brainstorming sessions are always more fun with friends! Help your buddy develop new product or service ideas, marketing strategies, or ways to improve their workflow.
  • Connect them with other professionals. Do you know someone in a related field who could help your friend with their business? Put them in touch and watch as they both benefit from the connection!
  • Offer moral support. Being a small business owner can be tough, so offer a listening ear and words of encouragement when your friend is feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Knowing you’re there for them can make all the difference.

Feature Their Business on Your Blog or Website.

Supporting your friends’ small businesses is a great way to show you care.

By featuring their business on your blog or website, you’re giving them valuable exposure and helping them to reach a wider audience. Not only will this generate new leads and customers for their business, but it will also strengthen your friendship.

And that’s what it’s all about – supporting the people you care about. So if you have a friend who owns a small business, don’t hesitate to give them a little boost by featuring their business on your blog or website.

Sponsor Their Events or Help With Fundraisers.

donate or sponsor

If you are wondering how to support your friend’s small business, you can sponsor them or help them gain financial support. Small business owners always seek ways to get the word out about their products or services.

One way to show your support is to sponsor their events or help with fundraisers. You can help your friend offset the costs of hosting an event or running a fundraiser by providing financial or in-kind assistance.

In addition, your involvement will show potential customers that you believe in your friend’s business and are willing to invest in its success.

There are many ways to support a small business, but sponsoring an event or fundraiser is a great way to show your friend that you are behind them all the way.

Send Them Handwritten Notes of Encouragement.

More than ever, supporting your friend’s small businesses in these difficult times is important.

One way to show your best intention towards your friend and support a small business is by sending handwritten notes of encouragement. A few kind words can go a long way towards helping a small business owner feel appreciated and motivated. And who knows, your note might even be the thing that helps them get through a tough day.

So don’t hesitate to reach out and let them know you’re thinking of them. A little bit of kindness can make a big difference.


So there you have it – 12 different ways of supporting your friends in the business. These are great places to begin if you’re looking for a way to help out and don’t know where to start. 

Remember that the most important thing is to be supportive and positive, no matter what! Thanks for reading, and we hope this article has been helpful. 

Do you have friends with small businesses? How do you support them? Let us know in the comments below.

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